Payment and Billing

a. The total price will also include the taxes applicable on the date of purchase.

b. The total price of the Products and Services including all applicable taxes is included upon the confirmation of Your order.

c. Order Cancellation and Refund Policy

All orders are considered final, so please consider carefully before placing an order. The merchant would have started to prepare the food and therefore no refunds would be possible. In the event of a cash-on-delivery order, your order will be delivered as instructed and cash must be collected by the rider.


If you failed to show up to pay and claim your order for more than 60 minutes of our rider's waiting time on your specified address, your order will be forfeited and the full amount of the order will be added to your next order as payment for the damages and you will be blocked from ordering until you have paid your previous bill.


In the event where delivered goods are incomplete and the order has already been paid in cash, you may contact by sending an email or by sending on 1timeshop Social Media pages. In these rare cases you, may choose to ask the rider to go back to the store to retrieve the missing item(s) or have the total amount of the missing item(s) deducted to the total amount of their next purchase. Also, once the order has been processed, the customer/account owner may no longer change the delivery address. The orders will be delivered to the address indicated in the submitted order/request. If the customer incorrectly specified their delivery address, an address redirection fee not lower than N600 will be charged to the customer.


For online transactions, the amount of the missing item(s) or if the order has been cancelled by or the customer shall be transferred to their online wallet. Note that this will only be applicable if the order has been verified by representatives and partner restaurants and only the total net amount is refunded excluding processing fees. Shall the customer insist on refunding the total amount, refund time may take 3 to 10 business days.


Orders may be cancelled due to the reasons listed below:


Delivery Address is outside serviceable areas

Ordered Items are unavailable

Merchant is unable to accept orders

Extreme weather conditions

Fake or suspicious orders

System or network failure

Other reasons that are deemed to be impossible for delivery operations.